The Things You Find In Boxes….and a Recent Listen

When I dropped the needle, the sweet sounds of New-Wave and 1960’s Rock and Roll filled the room.  I guess when I was younger and heard the B 52’s on the radio, I didn’t really appreciate it.  I was too busy listening to Phil Collin’s telling me he can feel it comin in the air tonight.  That and my mom telling me that she didn’t like Rod Stewart because he stole music from others….minutes before she started belting yelling along with Rod for Maggie to wake up.  I definitely didn’t appreciate it at the time.  I do now, and let me tell you, their music is FUN!

 The B-52's

I found this in a box at a flea market.  Here’s how the story goes.  The record store I frequent had recently asked me to scout for them.  Basically, if I find a lot of good albums at  yard sales, or anywhere for that matter, and get them for a cheap price…I trade them in for store credit.  The objective of course being to double my money.  This honestly had me amped.  What happened that weekend was me spending the entire day looking for full boxes of records that I could trade in.  Which honestly, was a mistake.  What it led to was me purchasing a box full of records filled with a bunch of Hendrix 2nd hand releases.  I flipped through the box, saw the name “Hendrix” multiple times and without looking immediately offered the guy $40.00.  Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad deal.  There were about 25 records in the box.  All of which were popular.  However, there were about 3 in there I wanted to keep.  I bought it, took it home, and started picking through the box more.  disappointed I sat them atop my vinyl shelves awaiting trade in.  How did I miss that these were 2nd hand releases?  Then in hit me……I was not looking for the vinyl as I had before.  Before, it was for me, and these great boxes were simply stumbled upon while doing what I enjoyed…picking.  Now it became a task for somebody else.  In a way, I was turning my back on the entire reason I did this.  I thought back to a conversation I had with a co-worker.  He called vinyl the new “beanie baby” and told me to sell while the price is high.  My response was simple….I’m not in it for the profit.  Now I was, and it wasn’t working for me. 

I took the vinyls (along with some Beatles albums that I had purchased that I didn’t want to, in hopes that it would up the price of  my lot I was trading in) to the record store.  The owner went through them and was pleased.  His offer….$35.00.  This was a bummer, I at least wanted to try and break even, or maybe $10 short (Beatles albums).  I said “How about an even $40”.  Done deal.  I got the credit and started looking around.  Lately I have been dying for a copy of The Sex Pistols – Nevermind the Bollocks.  I could buy it new, but I wanted it used, aged, experienced.  However, I have not been in luck for some time.  I knew the store had a new copy for $17.99 so I figured I would buy it.  Unfortunately, I acted too late.  It was sold.  Then this came on….


I swallowed my pride in the record store and asked the guy behind the register “Who is this?”  He pointed me in the direction and I purchased the album.  To be honest, I only had the courage to ask because my fiance commented on how much she liked what she was hearing.  It’s amazing the things you will do when your lady asks.  Like facing the guy behind the counter that gives you the “Really?  You haven’t heard this” look.  Or the “Did you seriously just ask me what is playing so you can buy it?” look.  These are fun.  Anyway, Menahan Street Band….all instrumental….and WOW!  I couldn’t be happier.  This is do anything and everything music.  This is nice dinner music, reading music, getting ready to go grocery shopping music, cleaning music, you name it.  With band members from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Antibalas, El Michaels Affair and the Budos band….well…you’ll be in for a ride.  I need to get better at explaining music, especially instrumentals….but then again….this is what my vinyl journey is about.  New artists, old artists, unknowns, soon-to-be’s, and everything along the way.  Definitely give Menahan a listen….but as always (Just as the book is better than the movie) it’s so much better on vinyl.



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3 responses to “The Things You Find In Boxes….and a Recent Listen

  1. I wouls assume those who listend to the Sex Pistols, when vinyl was new, are not usually the sort to treat said records in a way that would last till now… good luck with that one…
    email me.

    • They’re around….but they are expensive. I’ve seen two on, but they wind up climbing to $30+ each. I like the idea of having a used one, but I’m not in love with them enough to spend double for potentially worse quality. I’ll find it one day though.

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