Early Morning In Galena

Galena Antiques Center opened early on Saturday.  The first official “search stop” for my blog.

This place never disappoints with their selection.  It really is one of the deepest selections I’ve picked through. 

The thing about this selection, there is always new stuff.  There are relatively no common albums there, which is a breath of fresh air.  I came across two great finds, both of which I was more than pleased to pay $5.00 a vinyl for (the asking price, but John does negotiate if you purchase multiple which is great). 

The first album I came across was Santana’s debut self titled album.  The song “Evil Ways” may ring a few bells.  The jacket is in perfect condition and the vinyl itself is near mint.  I do like this album more than their 2nd album Abraxas, but I won’t hesitate to buy it if I find it.  After more picking I came across another amazing album…

James Brown’s “Cold Sweat”.  I will admit, I was not immediately excited because usually when I come across these, they are trashed inside.  This one however…..excellent condition.  This place is 100% worth a stop, even if you aren’t into vinyls.  There is something for everybody here.  If you ever find yourself in Galena, make sure you stop by and give John a visit.


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