A long search completed

I’ve been looking for a mint copy of this vinyl for quite some time.  This weekend, I finally found it!

Herbie Mann - Push Push



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5 responses to “A long search completed

  1. Unclelooney

    The shirtless photo of Herbie is gonna draw Tin Tin’s stalkers to your blog. I seem to remember that Duane Allman played on that album.

    • Duane Allman definitely did play on the album. His guitar playing is really what puts this album over the top for me. I am almost positive that on the photo for the album cover he wanted to wear a sweater around his waste…..that’s a rumor though.

  2. Unclelooney

    Wait a second. Is that why you cropped it? LOL

  3. Unclelooney

    Unfortnately I no longer have a turntable. I did download Push Push.
    I listen to it again and again. The flute caused another song, THE POWER OF GOLD by Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg to become stuck in my brain though. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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