Bob Dylan Surprise

Nice for family to always think of you while they are out

Dylan’s second album.  The cover is incredibly beat up, but surprisingly the vinyl is in mint condition.  Found in a random thrift shop under a stack of Sports Illustrated magazines.  Only $3.00.  This blog is good luck!


The vinyl is not nearly in “mint” condition. 

“Thank you for the vinyl” I said….”Oh, you’re welcome…it didn’t warp did it?”.  “Why would it have warped?”.  “Well, I left it on top of a box in the sun when I grocery shopped this morning.”  I went inside, looked at it again.  NOOOO!!!!!  Luckily, it still plays.  I just can’t put the cover on my turntable down.



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6 responses to “Bob Dylan Surprise

  1. Ahhh, the art of the slightly misguided gift.

  2. lol, that’s the truth. I wasn’t as bummed until I found out that it warped under her care…lol.

  3. Unclelooney

    John Hartford recorded a song about this very same problem.

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