Messenger Bag vs. Man Purse

So what is it?  A “Messenger bag” or a “Man Purse”?  I have not spent countless hours researching this topic, but I do however notice the large amount of men calling what I think is a “Messenger Bag” a “Murse” (which by the way I think is even worse than wearing a man purse).

My current bag

  The above is a “Messenger bag”.  I know it’s not leather or anything fancy, but this is the thing I carry around through the dirt and dust of flea markets to put my vinyl in. 

So here is the question that comes up.  Why is it assumed that messenger bags are man purses?  Is it the fact that it only has one strap and is thrown over the shoulder?  Because I can think of something else this is worn over the shoulder…

So if it’s not the way it’s carried… it the contents?  Because my messenger bag can carry a pair of shoes and a change of gym clothes… 
A purse usually carries a woman’s feminine products….my messenger bag is usually full of books and vinyls…
All of the above could fit into a gym bag as well….so if it’s not the contents or the way it is worn….I am confused as to how it would be considered a man purse….A “Handbag” or “Man Purse” seems to be categorized as a smaller alternative to a backpack, but does have some different styles. 
A messenger bag is described as a sack (already manly) often used by bicycle messengers and have much wider and longer straps than a purse.  They are also called “carryalls”.
Messenger bag – probably guns, explosives, and intel on terrorists inside
Man Purse – Probably a wallet and……not explosives, guns, or terrorist intel inside.
Messenger Bag – Probably some ancient artifact that his life was put on the line for, and eventually won him the girl….in a weird accidental type of way.
So the question is this…..what makes it a man purse to you?


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12 responses to “Messenger Bag vs. Man Purse

  1. Size may in fact matter on this one.
    My wife speaks blasphemy everytime she calls that prized bag featured on my header a man purse.

  2. This is the truth. The one on your blog is NOT a man purse.

  3. Unclelooney

    I carry my sisters’s 1980s Junior high back so I’m not one to ask or judge.

  4. Unclelooney

    No but that would be the ultimate GTH coat.

  5. (Except for Indiana Jones)
    Carried behind the hip – Messenger Bag
    Carried in front – It’s a “Murse”!

  6. Messenger bags are manly. I have one! ANd it’s VERY convenient to carry one around as a writer since I never know when I might be struck with a story!

    • I agree with you. It’s definitely good for vinyl as well. I just think it’s funny when the guy carrying a laptop case (which is a messenger pack with a few extra zippers) says I have a man purse.

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