Any Empty Wallet Compliments of Brohammas

I am still trying to figure out if Brohammas is a good or bad influence on my time and money.  While he introduced me to blogging and I absolutely love it, I was also introduced to a few addictions in the process (One of which is stat checking). 

The other of which is numerous blogs or websites, like Gear Patrol, which fills its pages with gadgets that I shouldn’t even think of buying, but will eventually purchase.  The above turntable, priced at $499.00, is the perfect example.  Being that I am getting married in 9 days, I think I finally found the gift I want (I am supposed to get one too right?).  I’m going to have to plant the seed for this quickly.  Most likely a subtle message saying something like “This is what I want!”

Now, hopefully there will be money after this wedding, the most of which will go right back into recovering from all that was spent for the wedding.  However, if there is some left over, I will be purchasing these Phila Audio speakers from BDDW.  There is no pricing, which is never a good sign, but what can you do?

The vinyl I found last night at the local Goodwill, will sound great on this setup.  Great cover, but the vinyl needs some serious cleaning.  Quite a bit of surface noise.  As always though, can you pass something like this up for only $1.00?  Now if I could only find the other two items above in a thrift store somewhere.



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14 responses to “Any Empty Wallet Compliments of Brohammas

  1. I am a plant from Phila Audio (not) and I am a great influence.

  2. Unclelooney

    O thank you
    Now I’m addicted to Gear Patrol.LOL

  3. Unclelooney

    I am Soooooooooo over that site.
    Right now I’m on Google’s home page playing John Fahey’s Requiem for John Hurt on that awesome cyber string instrument.

  4. Unclelooney

    Have you seen the documentary about the record collector Joe Bussard;
    Desperate Man Blues?

    • I haven’t seen the documentary, but I know of him. Mainly because of his involvement with the John Fahey recordings and the fact that he’s from Frederick, Maryland. Is it good?

  5. Unclelooney

    Yes, he’s a character. you’d like his stories about canvasing for records.
    There’s a short scene which consists of home movies of Fahey and some friends canvasing.

    • I will definitely have to check it out. I’m sure I’d love it.

      Have you ever heard of Paul Mawhinney? The guy with the worlds largest record collection. It’s valued at about $50,000,000.00. Pretty interesting story.

  6. Unclelooney

    holy cow!

    Have you seen CRUMB?
    He started collecting 78s when he was a teenager.

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