Sharing Growls With Tom Waits

I want to apologize to my over 10,000 followers for not posting in the last few days.  Things get quite hectic the week before your wedding.

Where It Will Take Place

Even though planning is quite time consuming (and at times stressful), I still found some way to fit in my need for picking.

While the future Mrs. was getting her final hair trial done, I slipped out.  Havre De Grace is a GORGEOUS town.
While I was not lucky with any vinyls at my first stop, I did come across this old 8mm camera.  Not sure if it works, but it’s only $24.00.  I passed on it this time, but won’t if it’s there next time around.
I later ran into this place.  I only walked in because I noticed a few vinyls in the window.  The selection was amazing, but unfortunately the prices were incredibly too high.  The owner just recently purchased a collection of 10,000 vinyls.  Over 100 boxes were stacked in the back.  The beauty of it all was he agreed to let me return at a later date and pick through a few of the unopened boxes with him to share with all of you.
Even though past experiences at pawn shops ended with incredibly odd looks when asking about vinyl, I had time to kill, so I figured why not try another one….
And thank God I did.  I stopped into the one type of store where I never have luck and came across an artist I never seem to find
This is the beauty of searching.  There really is not much more I can say about finding this, except it was worth walking into 10 different antique stores and walking out with nothing.  I paid $3.00 for this.  You can’t find this album in this condition anywhere for that price.
I finished the day with my handy sidekick and headed home to enjoy the spoils of the day.


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5 responses to “Sharing Growls With Tom Waits

  1. Maybe Tom should gargle with some of that hand sanitizer. He’s like Mickey from Rocky decided to sing… and I love it.

    • That is an awesome comparison! I was in heaven listening to it last night, but unfortunately my fiancé was not impressed. His music is an acquired taste. Like saugy fruity pebbles (trust me, it’s worth it!)

  2. unclejoshgroban

    how do we do it?
    How do we do it?
    Volume! volume!

    All the other songs are very sad.

    • Hilarious! I had that in my head ALL day today after listening to it last night.

      Step right uuuuuup
      Step right uuuuuup

      I feel like I’ve met my musical match! I would retire, but I’m enjoying blogging about this stuff. Serious thanks for always checking on the page. I enjoy the conversations. You know your stuff. I’m off now, just heard about a year end clearence, apparently there is a white sale on a smoked damaged furniture that I could drive away with today.

  3. unclereubenkincaid

    I hear tell shopping for vinyl is a fav honeymoon experience.
    bring your lap top. Ha Ha!

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