Stolen? Yes. Ruined? No Way!

My wife (still feels odd saying it) and I have become the talk of the *very small* Town we were married in last Saturday.  I was not going to share with the blog world, but with the articles online, figured I might as well.

Couple’s Wedding Ruined By Thief

I do want everyone to know that our wedding was NOT ruined.  I definitely wish it didn’t happen, but the truth is neither of us could stop smiling.  It was definitely unfortunate that somebody would actually do this .  However, somebody obviously needed the money more than we did.  By the way, if you have heard of this happening multiple times before………we know.



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4 responses to “Stolen? Yes. Ruined? No Way!

  1. You are living an episode of My Name is Earl.

  2. unclelooney

    This DID not happen in Goodfellas.

  3. Its an inside job………

    not…. but hope they catch the crazy woman….

    ps 2 button SWAAAAAAG


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