Own Guru Records Ends a Long Hunt

After I left Sound Garden I found myself wondering where their used vinyl was.  So I went back in to ask, and they told me they didn’t have any.  The guy behind the counter handed me a piece of paper and said “Try these places”.  First on the list was Own Guru Records.

The directions were great, and the signs made it even easier to find.  It was refreshing to see a record store which only vinyl that actually cares enough to let people know they exist.

I was greeted at the front door with a friendly “How are you today?”  Which was much nicer than the usual “hey” and judgemental elevator stare.

The store was very compact, but they definitely know how to utilize the space well.

One of the first things I noticed was the two turntables upstairs.  I’m used to shop owners just putting it on their own turntable and letting you listen while you browse.  Actually having headphones to drown out the noise and listen to the vinyl itself was great!

Once it was obvious that I had time to soak everything in, the store owner asked me “Are you looking for anything in particular?”.  Add this to the list of things I am not used to.  I immediately referenced my mental wish list, but had trouble remembering what I was looking for.  I am used to browsing, so I think this kind of took me by surprise.  I finally remembered two vinyls that I had been searching long and hard for.  When I said the name of the first vinyl, the shop owner literally turned to his left, not even getting up from his chair and handed it to me.

I was pretty surprised.  The best part of all, it was a WB Green Label.  I’ve been looking for this for a while, used, and in good condition.  I found it for $12.00.

I grabbed the vinyl and started searching more.  Just for the hell of it, I figured I’d ask him for Moondance as well.  With another swift turn, still sitting in his chair, he hands it to me.

I couldn’t believe it.  I had been looking for these vinyls used for month’s on end.  A stop by coincidence and two 90 degree turns later, they were both in hand.

Stop 1 on the little piece of paper given to me at Sound Garden was worth every step.  If you ever find yourself in Baltimore, make sure you take the time to swing into Own Guru.  It was an experience I look forward to having again the next time I’m in Baltimore.


While looking for contact information for Own Guru I found that they have a website.  They have quite a few records up on their site for sale, which is great because finding a reputable place online to purchase records can be difficult.  I am much more of a digger, so I probably won’t buy anything online unless it is an absolute must have.  However, I can assure you that I will be going back here again.



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13 responses to “Own Guru Records Ends a Long Hunt

  1. unclelooney

    Janet planet.

  2. The prevailing theme in all your album covers seems to be hair. Long hair shaggy, mustache, beard, chest…
    Can ya mix in some Midnight Oil?

  3. This is an AWESOME post. I’m a huge vinyl fan, although here in Philly most of the record stores have SWITCHED to vinyl because everyone is downloading their music these days. And I hate to rain on your parade…but I got both of those albums mint at yard sales for a buck! 🙂

    I’m a huge yard saler…so it just kind of happened that way. GREAT post!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I was actually just talking with my friend about stopping at a few places in Philly this weekend. We’ll see how it unfolds. No worries on bursting my bubble. That’s the beauty of the hunt. Sometimes you find great deals, sometimes you don’t. I don’t like buying new vinyls, and there are certain ones that I would only buy used (like these two), and once I had the opportunity to buy them both at the same place, I couldn’t pass on the chance.

      I’m a huge yard saler too, but unfortunately, my surrounding area isn’t the best. I’ve had some decent finds, but mainly around here, it’s antique stores and flea markets. Only a buck each….that’s an amazing deal. You should send some of your luck my way. Thanks for the kind words. Keep following.

  4. Bob

    Wow, it looks like Guru has really upgraded since I lived in Baltimore. When I was buying records from there to you had to ring a bell to a gated alley and then walk back to the tiny little building.The gate looked like this.

    • I unfortunately did not get to experience the gate. I read a few other things online about it though. I’m not even sure what the old one looked like inside, but my understanding is the just recently moved. There are still a lot of boxes and what not upstairs that he has to move out. A lot of which is his personal collection. I wish I had to ring the bell to get in. Adds a bit of exclusivity to it all…..

      Where abouts in Baltimore did you live?

  5. unclemaynardgkrebs

    There is a lotta hipsterism goin’ on here. LOL

    • LOL! There definitely is. It’s just hearing people talk about smug stuck up hipsters…..especially when it makes the people talking about them sound smug and stuck up. All I can think about is being in high school and hearing the kids that skateboarded calling kids that wore Vans posers because they didn’t skate.

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