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Sore Feet in the Garden of Sound

Sunday morning began with me searching Google for record stores in the area

Before I knew it, I was walking to Fells point

It wasn’t that far of a walk to the first shop, but I had a feeling it would catch up to me later

The walk was enjoyable, but I was glad to get where I was going

I recently read an article in Rolling Stone, but for some reason, had no idea this was mentioned

I was pretty excited to visit this place after reading all the hype

Unfortunately, for somebody collecting vinyl, it’s just that….hype.  They do have a great selection with incredible prices if you are looking for new and popular vinyl.  I was incredibly surprised and disappointed when I was not able to find a copy of “Nevermind the Bullocks”.   This place is without a doubt incredible if you are looking for CD’s.  The majority of prices are $3-$5 for even the most recent of CD’s.  If you are looking for older vinyl that you know you would pay an arm and a leg for used, this is a great place.  I was able to find a 180 gram of a vinyl I’ve been wanting for a while for only $9.99.

This was a great first pick up

I did also pick up Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.  A vinyl I’ve been waiting to pay under $20 for, and found it here for $12.99.  I also bought a great Lightnin’ Hopkins album.  This was only the first stop of the day though, and I intended to have a few more.



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