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20 Hot Minutes at Wonderland

At the edge of the world in Newark sits Wonderland.  It’s your last possible stop before leaving main street.

If you are a fan of vinyl, it would be if you could actually tell it was open.  The blinking “OPEN” sign leaves you asking yourself if you feel like parking and getting out of your car just to pull on a locked door.

However, Wonderland is one of those reasons you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Inside there are records wall to wall.  Some pretty good choices, prices are fair, but a lot of common records seem to be overpriced.  One thing I did notice about Wonderland was the lack of good finds on the floor.  Although good choices, nothing that would prompt me to buy a Foreigner record for $5.00.

Then I was introduced to the land behind the counter.  If you come into this store, come into it with a hard to find record in mind.  Dimitri has it.  However, it’s still kind of odd keeping all of the records that would sell best behind the counter.

All in all though, the store is nice.  I’ve noticed that the majority of record stores don’t have any AC.  It was incredibly nice walking into one that actually does.  It makes digging much less stressful.

They usually all have their own smells too.  This one, incense.  Strong STRONG incense.  It’s not bad if you use nasal spray and take an Allegra beforehand though.

All in all this place isn’t too bad…



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Sore Feet in the Garden of Sound

Sunday morning began with me searching Google for record stores in the area

Before I knew it, I was walking to Fells point

It wasn’t that far of a walk to the first shop, but I had a feeling it would catch up to me later

The walk was enjoyable, but I was glad to get where I was going

I recently read an article in Rolling Stone, but for some reason, had no idea this was mentioned

I was pretty excited to visit this place after reading all the hype

Unfortunately, for somebody collecting vinyl, it’s just that….hype.  They do have a great selection with incredible prices if you are looking for new and popular vinyl.  I was incredibly surprised and disappointed when I was not able to find a copy of “Nevermind the Bullocks”.   This place is without a doubt incredible if you are looking for CD’s.  The majority of prices are $3-$5 for even the most recent of CD’s.  If you are looking for older vinyl that you know you would pay an arm and a leg for used, this is a great place.  I was able to find a 180 gram of a vinyl I’ve been wanting for a while for only $9.99.

This was a great first pick up

I did also pick up Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.  A vinyl I’ve been waiting to pay under $20 for, and found it here for $12.99.  I also bought a great Lightnin’ Hopkins album.  This was only the first stop of the day though, and I intended to have a few more.


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